New DBIA Resources Available to Help States Advocate for Design-Build

Descriptive image of US Capitol announcing the release of DBIA state legislation resources

To strengthen DBIA’s advocacy efforts and support our regions at the state level, DBIA has created a Guide for Enactment of Design-Build Legislation and accompanying Model Legislation Addendum as well as released its 2023 Design-Build State Statute Report (SSR).

Design-build is the fastest-growing and most used project delivery procurement approach in the United States. Once considered an “alternative” form of project delivery, design-build now accounts for nearly half of all design and construction projects in the country. It is widely utilized across private and public sectors –– including federal, state and municipal projects –– and spans various project types such as vertical construction, transportation and water/wastewater markets.

Advocating for design-build at the state level is crucial to stay ahead of that growth and improve the chances that design-build projects will be successful. Following DBIA’s Best Practices at the state level ensures projects are undertaken responsibly, enhancing transparency, accountability and quality. Consistent delivery of successful projects builds trust among stakeholders and encourages further adoption of design-build, driving its continued growth and success in delivering projects of all sizes and complexities.

The new Guide for Enactment of Design-Build Legislation establishes a statutory framework for design-build that aligns with DBIA’s Best Practices. It provides guidance on achieving enactment of a statute, law or ordinance authorizing the use of design-build procurement by state or local governing agencies. The model language is adaptable for various jurisdictions and includes strategic planning for successful legislative initiatives. In addition, an Addendum to the guide provides sample model legislative language for Best Value Selection and Progressive Design-Build, which can be used as drafted or modified to meet the specific requirements of the state government or legislators.

 “The new guide provides states with a roadmap to not just to develop design-build legislation but to develop legislation that adheres to DBIA’s Best Practices,” said Richard Thomas, DBIA’s Director of State/Local Legislative Affairs. “As design-build continues to expand legislatively, we need to ensure quality is not lost in the process. Legislation needs to prioritize Best Practices in its implementation and projects are far more likely to see the benefits of design-build –– cost and time saving, increased collaboration, better innovation –– when they follow Best Practices.”

DBIA’s 2023 Design-Build State Statute Report is a crucial guide to state design-build laws, providing Owners, lawmakers and industry professionals with the statutory information necessary to guide their project delivery decision-making. The SSR identifies state and local governments and municipalities permitting design-build project delivery, including information for Best Value Design-Build and Progressive Design-Build.

These free resources are instrumental in advocating for the adoption and expansion of design-build practices nationwide, offering clarity, guidance and a pathway for legislative change that aligns with DBIA’s goal of promoting Design-Build Done Right®.

The State Statute Report, Guide for Enactment of Design-Build Legislation and Model Legislation Addendum are available in the DBIA Bookstore. Stay tuned for the next episode of the Design-Build Delivers Podcast, where we’ll talk more about these resources, coming in March.