New Design-Build Delivers Podcast Episode Out Now! Listen to Blueprints to Inclusion: Championing Women in Design-Build and Beyond

April 2024

In the latest episode of the Design-Build Delivers podcast, we sit down with Anna PridmoreLaDrena Dansby and Barbara Wagner to discuss the impact and future of women in the AEC industry and how design-build is well-situated to support and elevate women. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, from the challenges women face in the industry to the unique skills and perspectives they bring.

Our guests share their experiences and insights, highlighting the importance of soft skills, mentorship and advocating for diversity. They also offer advice for young women and non-binary individuals interested in pursuing careers in construction, emphasizing the value of confidence, taking risks and building a productive and supportive network.

Tune in to learn more about the role of women in shaping the future of the construction industry and how DBIA can better support and encourage diversity of thought.

Stay tuned for more from this episode with Design-Build Delivers Bonus Content, longer conversations with our guests. Coming soon!

Guests, in order of appearance:

LaDrena Dansby, PE, DBIA
PM/CM Program Director

Anna Pridmore, Ph.D., PE, DBIA
Vice President – Pipeline & Water Infrastructure Solutions, Strategic Market Development
Structural Technologies

Barbara Wagner, LEED AP, FDBIA
Executive Vice President
Clark Construction Group, LLC

00:00 Women in Construction: Laying the Foundation

05:35 Origin Stories with Anna, Barbara and LaDrena

14:22 We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby –– But We’ve Still Got a Long Way to Go

12:37 Bob is Just a Grumpy Old Man: Gender-Based Challenges Still Exist in the Industry

26:06 The Collaborative Nature of Design-Build and the Skills to Succeed

29:20 Okay, but What do we DO about it?: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

34:57 DBIA’s Key Role in Encouraging Diversity of Thought in Construction


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