New Design-Build Project Delivery + Design Management Tools Coming in 2023


Charles Pankow Foundation Project to Fuel Design Excellence in Design-Build

February 2023

As a long-time supporter of the Charles Pankow Foundation, DBIA is excited to share the news about new design-build tools they’ll release in 2023. First is the Project Delivery Assessment Tool, which is an online tool that allows owners to assess their ability to deliver projects using design-build. As we all know, design-build is only as successful as the Owners who implement it, and this tool serves as a mirror for Owners to investigate their ability to deliver design-build successfully. The second phase of this project is an update to the Professional Guide to Managing the Design Phase of a Design-Build Project, including focused guides for five sectors. In this Design-Build Delivers episode, we preview what these invaluable tools will mean for design-build teams.


Greg Gidez, AIA, FDBIA
Director of Design Services
Hensel Phelps

Bryan Franz, M.E.
University of Florida School of Construction Management
Associate Professor

Episode Topics

Topic 1: The DBIA/Pankow Foundation relationship. (01:56)
Topic 2: New online project delivery tool will help Owners assess their design-build capacity. (02:41)
Topic 3: Avoiding Design-Build Done Wrong (04:04)
Topic 4 Design-build is about more than just shifting risk. (05:46)
Topic 5: University of Washington research is underway. (06:39)
Topic 6: This work builds on work done by the GSA to assess DB potential. (07:32)
Topic 7: Becoming an “Owner of Choice”. (09:05)
Topic 8: New Design Management Guides to follow the release of the project delivery tool. (11:51)
Topic 9: Research across diverse subject matter experts underway to build new Design Management Guides. (14:10)
Topic 10: Building a job analysis to guide the focus of five sector-specific guides. (19:56)
Topic 11: Defining risk across diverse sectors. (22:24)
Topic 12: Guides focus on 5 sectors: Aviation, Federal, Highways, Industrial, Water/Wastewater. (26:25)
Topic 13: Guides will highlight new innovations in design-build. (27:08)




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