New Episode of Design-Build Delivers Podcast: Diving into the Details of the FMI 2023 Market Report

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Design-Build Delivers Podcast: Diving Into the Details of the FMI 2023 Market Report

June 2023

In March, FMI Consulting forecast design-build projects will account for nearly half (47%) of all construction by 2026 and $1.9 trillion in spending, even with a looming recession in the greater industry. According to a majority of respondents, design-build is better situated than other delivery methods to help alleviate supply chain issues, respond to retention challenges and allow for offsite construction.
That news is good for DBIA and good for Owners and practitioners, but how can the data help them plan for that future? Emily Beardall from FMI joined this month’s Design-Build Delivers podcast to answer that question and to talk about the challenges and opportunities behind the findings.


Emily Beardall
Senior Consultant, FMI Consulting
With FMI, Emily works as a senior consultant, developing creative tools and delivering powerful solutions for FMI clients like DBIA. Emily is a design-build expert with extensive experience in the greater industry, from speaking engagements to strategic planning.

Episode Topics:

Topic 1: FMI Mid-Cycle Update: An Overview (1:24)

Topic 2: FMI and DBIA Have Paired Up on Similar Surveys (4:54)

Topic 3: Shifting Priorities and New Challenges for Owners and Practitioners (7:18)

Topic 4: Sector-Specific Expectations (10:14)

Topic 5: Geographic Trends and Projections (12:20)

Topic 6: Progressive Design-Build Best Situated to Manage Costs (15:53)

Topic 7: Design-Build Alleviates Supply Chain Issues (18:40)

Topic 8: Prefabrication: Another “W” for Design-Build (23:48)

Topic 9: Situating the FMI Findings in Practice (25:51)

Topic 10: A Snapshot in Time (28:36)


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