New Podcast Episode! Insights from DBIA’s First Collaborative Delivery Leadership Academy Graduate

June 2024

In a recent Design-Build Delivers Podcast episode, we introduce Rene Divelbiss, Assoc. DBIA, from Korsmo Construction, the first graduate of DBIA’s Collaborative Delivery Leadership Academy. Starting out in the field at 17 years old, Rene advanced to project manager for a general contractor specializing in design-build projects.

Rene joined the Academy to enhance her leadership skills and better support her project team. In the episode, Rene shares valuable insights from the six-course curriculum and encourages other design-builders to hop on board with her. She talks about the diversity of roles in the room with her, the path to an impact statement and the ways in which the Academy increased her self-awareness and adaptability, making her better prepared to be an integral part of her design-build team.

To hear more about Rene’s experiences, tune in to the Design-Build Delivers Podcast and visit the education page on our newly designed


Rene Divelbiss
Construction Manager, Korsmo Construction, Inc.


A Round of Applause: Celebrating the First Graduate of the Collaborative Leadership Academy (00:09)

The Next Logical Step: How the Academy Equips Design-Builders with the Leadership Skills for Success (03:05)

Calling All Members of the Design-Build Team (06:01)

Laying the Foundation(s): Reflecting on the First Course of the Academy (09:29)

Tying the Academy’s Lessons Together (11:54)

Identifying Your Impact: Leadership Requires Knowing How You Shift the Tides (15:17)

Take It from the First: Making the Case for the Academy (17:03)

Academy Lessons in Everyday Work (19:56)

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