Nominations Now Open for Prestigious DBIA Awards

At last year’s DBIA Awards Ceremony, William G. “Bill” Hasbrook, Jr., MEMS, TCFM, FDBIA, 2023 Brunelleschi Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, invoked a memory of his childhood lunches and their brown paper bags to illustrate the importance of collaboration and integration in design-build. He emphasized that just like a team putting their name on a simple lunch bag, success in design-build projects comes from teamwork, pride in one’s work and a shared goal of quality and efficiency. “One of the founding principles and foundations of design-build is integration and team. This is a team putting a two-cent bag together and putting their name on it.”

Hasbrook also challenged the audience of Owners, practitioners, students and other design-build professionals to “be so proud of what we’re doing, pulling together as an integrated team” and to “make sure that you have the same goal to do a safe project, a quality project, on time –– and at least on budget.”

Now, it’s your turn to rise to that challenge and recognize the leaders who embody these values. Nominations are open for DBIA’s most prestigious awards: the Brunelleschi Lifetime Achievement Award and the Design-Build Distinguished Leadership Awards. These honors recognize outstanding contributions, leadership and a lifelong commitment to design-build.

Design-build could never have shifted from an alternative approach to the mainstream delivery method it is today without industry leaders dedicated to advancing Design-Build Done Right® and promoting it as a project delivery method of choice. The Brunelleschi and Leadership Awards honor individuals who have advocated for, promoted and engaged in standout design-build work that exemplifies Design-Build Done Right® as the industry standard.

DBIA needs your help recognizing outstanding individuals in your workplaces and communities.

The Brunelleschi Lifetime Achievement Award 

From left, 2023 DBIA National Board Chair Deb Sheehan, ACHE, LEED AP, EDAC, DBIA; 2023 Brunelleschi Award winner William G. “Bill” Hasbrook, Jr., MEMS, TCFM, FDBIA; and DBIA CEO/ED Lisa Washington, CAE.

This is the highest individual honor DBIA bestows. It is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the design and construction industry through outstanding leadership and innovation in the advancement of design-build project delivery. Recipients of this award have exhibited originality, vision and breadth over the course of their professional lives, with 30 years or more of strong and well-documented commitment to design-build project delivery. 

The Brunelleschi Award is named after Renaissance master builder Filippo Brunelleschi. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a lifetime of excellence and innovation in design-build. Brunelleschi’s legacy, punctuated by his groundbreaking work on Florence’s iconic Il Duomo, reflects the collaborative and innovative spirit this award celebrates.

Learn more about the rich history of this award.

DBIA’s Distinguished Leadership Awards 

From left, 2023 DBIA National Board Chair Deb Sheehan, ACHE, LEED AP, EDAC, DBIA; 2023 Distinguished Leadership Award Winner Kathy Tuznik, DBIA (New York City Department of Design and Construction); and DBIA CEO/ED Lisa Washington, CAE.

These awards are open to individuals who have demonstrated leadership in the advancement of effective design-build best practices and in the promotion of design-build as a project delivery method of choice. Nominees will be considered in the following categories:

  • Owner (public or private sector)
  • Industry Professional
  • Student (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Faculty/Academia
  • Young Professional (35 or younger)

The Design-Build Distinguished Leadership Awards acknowledge individuals who have advocated for and implemented Design-Build Done Right®. These awards honor leaders from various sectors who have significantly advanced design-build as the nation’s fastest-growing delivery method, from those early in their careers to veterans.

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How to Submit Nominations

All submissions for these awards must be received by Monday, August 19, by 5:00 p.m. ET to be considered. Before starting the online nomination process, please review the Brunelleschi Lifetime Achievement Award guidelines and Distinguished Leadership Award guidelines to ensure you have gathered all of the appropriate information about your nominee. You will NOT be able to save the form and come back to complete it at a separate time.

Submit your nominations today and join us in recognizing the leaders who shape the future of design-build.

Winners will be honored at the 2024 Design-Build Conference & Expo this November in Dallas, TX.