Rare Bipartisanship Fuels Senate Infrastructure Bill Passage

Today’s Senate passage of a historic $1 trillion infrastructure plan marked an unusual moment of bipartisanship that led even the most jaded Congress watchers to sit up and take notice. The Associated Press reports:

“With a robust vote after weeks of fits and starts, the Senate approved a $1 trillion infrastructure plan for states coast to coast on Tuesday, as a rare coalition of Democrats and Republicans came together to overcome skeptics and deliver a cornerstone of President Joe Biden’s agenda. ‘Today, we proved that democracy can still work,” Biden declared at the White House, taking note of the 69-30 vote that included even Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.”

The Design-Build Institute of America’s Executive Director/CEO, Lisa Washington applauds today’s Senate passage of the bi-partisan infrastructure investment package:

“The Senate’s passage of historic infrastructure investment marks an incredibly important moment for our nation. America’s cities and states need the economic boost and jobs this plan will deliver in this post-COVID recovery. Just as important are the long-lasting and desperately needed improvements to our roads, bridges and other infrastructure that are vital to our future. America’s design-builders are ready to once again, just as we did during the 2009 recovery, respond to the call to build the most innovative, resilient and efficient projects in the nation. We urge the House to act quickly to pass this popular bi-partisan infrastructure package.”…Lisa Washington, CAE, DBIA Executive Director/CEO

The Senate also voted to consider the second part of the recovery package, the budget resolution immediately after the infrastructure bill’s passage and before the Senate headed to recess this week. The infrastructure package will now go to the House; however, it’s not expected to be considered there until after the Senate budget vote.