Say Goodbye to Integration Quarterly and Hello to More Timely Information

DBIA Integration Quarterly mastheadAs busy professionals, creators and innovators, we know your time is valuable, so DBIA’s goal has always been to meet you where you are with the latest and most useful design-build information and resources.

We wanted to share that with the upcoming June 2023 issue of Integration Quarterly Magazine, DBIA will be sunsetting the publication in favor of more timely, dynamic media to meet your diverse information needs. (Digital IQ issues from 2018 onward will be archived and available on our website to view.)

DBIA will continue to offer valuable content through our various platforms, including the new Design-Build Delivers Webinars which are free to DBIA members, monthly Podcast and weekly blogs. 

If you have not yet, be sure to sign up for regular updates through our Connect with Us page so you don’t miss out! You can also keep up with DBIA through our official social media accounts and on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in advertising opportunities on our blog, please refer to our 2023 Advertiser’s Guide.

We look forward to delivering consistent, convenient and current content and programming to all of our design-build community. 

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