Two New Design-Build Delivers Podcast Bonus Content Episodes from Blueprints to Inclusion

Check out the second and third Bonus Content podcast episodes complementing the longer April episode, “Blueprints to Inclusion: Championing Women in Design-Build and Beyond” with LaDrena DansbyAnna Pridmore and Barbara Wagner. “A Point on the Curve: Supporting Healthy Work-Life Integration in the AEC Industry” looks at the evolution of work-life balance from a women’s liberation-era concept of supporting working mothers and wives to an all-inclusive approach to well-being that goes beyond gender. In “Navigating Authenticity: Overcoming Assimilation in Male-Dominated Spaces,” the conversation revolves around the age-old notion of needing to “be one of the guys” to succeed in male-dominated spaces.

Be sure to listen to the full episode “Blueprints to Inclusion: Championing Women in Design-Build and Beyond” and the first bonus content episode “Show Me Your C-Suite: Why Women’s Programs and Diversity Initiatives Still Matter.”

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