Using Design-Build Innovation to Maximize Infrastructure Investment

July 2022

What are the key opportunities and challenges facing design-build teams as IIJA implementation begins? What can Owners and industry do to maximize this historic opportunity?

In this episode of DBIA’s Design-Build Delivers podcast, we talk to two experienced pros in the federal market about the implementation of historic federal infrastructure investment and its importance for design-build teams. Laura Stagner is a former Assistant Commissioner at GSA who played a vital role in delivering infrastructure investment projects during the last major federal infrastructure investment program in 2009 and has unique insights into the role design-build can play in today’s IIJA implementation. Thom Kurmel also has decades of experience delivering federal projects at the Pentagon, Veteran’s Affairs and more. As the president of TDK Consulting, LLC, his work specializes in health system design and infrastructure strategies.


Laura Stagner, DBIA, FAIA, PMP
Assistant Commissioner, GSA Public Buildings Service, Office of Project Delivery (Retired)

Thomas D. Kurmel, DDes, AIA, DBIA, FHFI
President, TDK Consulting, LLC


DBIA · Using Design-Build Innovation to Maximize Infrastructure Investment

Episode Topics

Topic 1: How design-build helps address infrastructure investment challenges (1:50)

Topic 2: Using early collaboration for workforce and cost containment challenges (3:25)

Topic 3: Owners want solutions not just projects (5:35)

Topic 4: Becoming an Owner of Choice (6:57)

Topic 5: COVID was a teaching moment for the federal market (9:00)

Topic 6: Using technology to enhance collaboration in infrastructure programs (11:13)

Topic 7: Unique opportunity to “push the envelope” in the federal market (13:45)

Topic 8: Helping the Federal market embrace change to deliver success (16:15)

Topic 9: How design-build helps leverage the tight workforce better (18:10)

Topic 10: Design-build’s growing federal role goes beyond just IIJA funding (21:25)

Topic 11: The timing couldn’t be better for Federal Design-Build Symposium (24:00)

Topic 12: Federal Symposium program offers real-world resources. (25:05)

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