What Do Design-Build, Baseball and Robot Jokes Have in Common? Listen to the Newest Podcast Bonus Content to Find Out

Check out the newest Design-Build Delivers Podcast Bonus Content, where we revisit augmented reality (AR) with Argyle CEO Maret Thatcher and DBIA’s Director of Virtual Design and Construction Brian Skripac. The full episode –– “From Sci-Fi to Site Plans: How Augmented Reality is Changing Design-Build” –– explored some of the groundbreaking ways AR is being used on job sites.

In this Bonus Content episode, we take things a step further with a little roleplay scenario. Picture this: you’re an Owner considering AR for your stadium project. You call up Maret and Brian to persuade you that AR is an asset to your design-build project. Think they could convince you? Listen and find out.

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to the full May episode, “From Sci-Fi to Site Plans,” available on your preferred podcast app. And follow the Design-Build Delivers Podcast to be the first to learn when new episodes and bonus content are available.