What Makes a Great Design-Build Leader?

That answer can be as unique as those chosen to guide your team. However, one thing is certain: leadership matters more than ever in the design-build process.

As projects become more complex, design-build leaders need a robust toolkit, including the skills and attributes required to maximize a fully integrated process. The days of command-and-control leadership styles are over if you aim to optimize the innovations that design-build collaboration delivers.

DBIA is committed to helping our industry train design-build team members to become successful leaders. Starting this month, we’ll bring that training to you in three Design-Build Done Right® leadership workshops nationwide.

In these workshops, we’ll focus on the following:

  1. What is the one critical leadership competency in achieving extraordinary results?
  2. How developing an integrated mindset is the key to effective leadership in design-build.
  3. How to leverage the assets, talents, and skills of a multi-disciplined team.
  4. The gaps that exist between the leaders we have and the leaders we need in design-build project delivery.

Register soon because we expect these sessions in Colorado, California and New York to be just as popular as they have been at our DBIA conferences (and that means a full house.)

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact DBIA’s Education team for answers.