From Competitive Edge to Industry Standard: How BIM Benefits Design-Build and Bridges Labor Gap

Contributor: Kay Kostandy, President of MAX 360 Building Information Modeling (BIM) has transitioned from being a cutting-edge tool granting early adopters a significant competitive advantage to an absolute necessity within the AEC Industry. Today, BIM stands as a fundamental pillar underpinning every phase of a project, from design and construction through operations and facility management. … Continued

It’s All About the Data: Finding the Right Common Data Environment to Empower Digital Project Delivery

By: Ali Atabey It’s no secret that the AEC industry is getting more complex. Projects are more fragmented, transient and bespoke than ever before — creating massive efficiency issues that are pushing projects over schedule and over budget. According to KPMG, half of all construction projects underperform their objectives, and McKinsey reports that 98% of … Continued

R&D Tax Credits Can Add Value to VDC Efforts on Design-Build Projects

By: Ted Mort, Chief Operating Officer, Cadnetics You’ve read the DBIA VDC Primer and Position Statement and subscribed to the “people first approach” to Virtual Design & Construction. Now, your team is at the forefront of innovation, constantly pursuing safer, more efficient and less wasteful ways to build. But did you know your efforts could … Continued

VDCLEx at the 2023 Design-Build Conference & Expo Draws Both VDC and Non-VDC Professionals Alike

By: Brian Skripac, DBIA Director of Virtual Design and Construction Building on the success of the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) track at the 2022 DBIA Design-Build Conference and Expo, the 2023 conference featured a half-day pre-conference event dedicated to VDC. The inaugural VDC Leadership Exchange (VDCLEx) drew more than 100 attendees, including VDC leaders … Continued

Collaboration. Still Undefeated: How a Design-Build Team Saved a Hospital Project with Better Decision-Making Tools

Contributor: Jeff Sample, Industry Evangelist, Join Modern construction is built on collaboration. Bringing together contractors, Owners and design teams facilitates better decision-making throughout the project journey. In one at-risk hospital project, for instance, a design-build general contractor leverages a new decision-making platform to get the project back on track. Challenge: Higher Than Expected Estimates Threatened … Continued

Can Design-Build Teams Build Trust Around Utility Risk Mitigation?

Contributor: David Horesh, Director of Marketing, 4M Analytics Trust is foundational for design-build teams.  Because of the emphasis on mutual confidence and communication, the design-build approach is better suited than other project delivery methods to deal with industry challenges such as utility risk mitigation — but maintaining the trust that’s been offered can still prove … Continued

Knowledge: Design-Build’s Next Digital Frontier

Leveraging your organization’s knowledge can give you a highly competitive edge Contributor: Kyle Hudson, P.E.; Vice President, Operations; VIATechnik LLC Think about your most experienced, valuable and productive project team today. What if you had them on every project all the time? Owners are demanding high-quality, on-time delivery and tighter control of costs consistently across … Continued

Unpacking BIM: Sharing Stigmas with Designers and Builders

Brian Skripac, DBIA Director, Virtual Design & Construction With all the value of a building information model (BIM) in the built environment, why is model sharing still so hotly debated on projects? The 2022 AIA Firm Survey Report, documenting the percentage of firms using BIM for billable work, indicated design visualization and presentation/renderings were the … Continued

The FHWA Grant Program: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Design-Build

Contributor: Alicia Lopez, PE, PEng, DBIA; Vice President, Design Management & Innovation; Flatiron Construction In a landmark move toward embracing the digital age, the Biden-Harris administration has initiated the first round of an $85 million grant program to fuel the widespread adoption of digital construction technologies within the transportation sector. This program, launched by the … Continued