Virtual Design & Construction

Fueling Design-Build Collaboration

The Future is Now

It’s an exciting time to be a design-build team member. Not only is our industry creating innovative and creative ways to collaborate on highly successful projects, but we’re also using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tools to take that team collaboration to new heights.

As the only membership association in the nation representing the entire spectrum of design and construction professionals, DBIA is on the front lines of industry transformation through collaboration. That’s why DBIA is expanding our focus on technology and innovation, providing strategies for design-build teams working to maximize their collaboration. Each day, we see design-build teams embrace innovation and technology to create effective, efficient, and transparent processes that allow every project team member to work together as one.

We know Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) will drive that continued success. DBIA is here to help lead that transformation with targeted education, training and resources.

Design-Build Done Right® Education

Virtual Design & Construction

DBIA offers the nation’s only Design-Build Done Right® coursework and our Virtual Design & Construction courses provide training targeted to design-build team members using VDC. Whether you sign up for a BIM Execution Planning course or listen to our expert VDC presentation recordings, there is a wealth of DBIA education available to you.

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VDC/BIM Resources Available

BIM Design-Build Manual of Practice – A comprehensive resource for design-build teams covering a wide range of issues vital to delivering successful projects. The BIM and Design-Build Project Delivery section covers the integration of design-build and BIM through all project phases.

BIM Manual Download

Virtual Design & Construction Primer – The Primer is a foundational document to help educate and elevate our membership and industry on the importance of VDC Done Right. It details the importance and value that can be realized by integrating technology and project delivery, defines key terminology and illustrates how the effective use of VDC can improve the industry.

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DBIA Position Statement: Virtual Design & Construction – DBIA believes VDC is a people-first approach – followed by process and technology – that optimizes the design and construction process while providing greater certainty of the outcome.

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Meet the Nation’s Leading VDC Presenters

VDC Project Spotlight

2022 Best Use of BIM/VDC Award Winner

The Mary D. Nichols Campus project consolidated California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) seven existing locations spread throughout Los Angeles into a single 19-acre location in Riverside, CA. The $411 million state-of-the-art facility includes an extended range of dedicated test cells for testing of heavy and light duty vehicles, an advanced chemistry laboratory and workspace for accommodating new test methods for future generations of vehicles throughout its 408,175 sq. ft. The project also includes space for developing enhanced onboard diagnostics and portable emissions measurement systems, visitor reception and education areas, a media center, flexible conference areas and a large public auditorium.

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The Power of BIM in Design-Build

On big projects and small, BIM has become valued not only for its three-dimensional illustration of a design but also for its ability to help measure impacts that possible changes could have on cost and schedule. It’s no surprise that the use of Building Information Modeling or BIM has become so popular among design-builders. Listen to our podcast for more.

DBIA Director of Virtual Design & Construction

Meet Brian Skripac

As design-build grows, so does our commitment to transform the industry. That’s why DBIA has hired our first ever Director of Virtual Design & Construction. Brian is a BIM/VDC/Digital Strategies innovator with more than 15 years of leadership defining how people, processes and technology come together to transform collaborative project delivery. He’s now leading DBIA’s development of strategies to leverage design-build's "whole team" approach with a highly integrated approach to BIM/VDC implementation. Got a question? Brian has the answer.