Code of Conduct Webinar

DBIA’s Code of Professional Conduct helps to ensure our industry meets the highest level of ethical conduct, professionalism and service. With the increased use of design-build project delivery and the increased recognition of DBIA™ certified professionals, the professional conduct of DBIA members and credential holders, is more important than ever.

While all DBIA members are encouraged and expected to adhere to the Code, those holding the DBIA™ and Assoc. DBIA™ credentials will be subject to enforcement of the Code and possible disciplinary action resulting from violations of the Code. This webinar is also required to receive DBIA credentials.

In this seminar you will:

  • Discuss the importance of a robust Code of Professional Conduct to the design-build profession.
  • Review the key elements of the Code of Professional Conduct including the rules, comments and enforcement.
  • Understand the basis for a complaint and/or appeal.
  • Discuss procedures by which credential holders will be required to attest to their agreement of the Code.


Jimmy Barber, P.E., LEED AP, DBIA
Tom Porter, JD, DBIA