Design-Build Virtual Learning

Learning Never Stops

Social distancing won’t limit your access to the nation’s only Design-Build Done Right® education. We know our nation will depend on certified design-build teams more than ever during the COVID-19 response and recovery periods. Continue your certification and education journey now to be prepared for the future.

Our Virtual Learning coursework is so much more than a webinar. You’ll be collaborating real-time with your instructor and fellow students, providing the same highly engaged workshop experience our experienced instructors are famous for delivering.

How it Works

In DBIA classrooms, especially our Certification Workshops, instructor/student engagement is critical. After all, we are collaborators and our attendees report their interactions with their peers and DBIA’s highly-experience instructors are what make the difference in our virtual learning courses.

We do require attendees to utilize their cameras, attend the full session and be prepared to interact in the virtual classroom space, just as they do in-person. Click through any of our courses’ descriptions in the Courses Schedule for a full run-down of expectations.

So Many Options

From workshops to individual courses, DBIA’s Virtual courses provide the nation’s only Design-Build Done Right® education. Here are just a few of our courses:

This three-day intensive program includes the three DBIA core courses required for certification plus access to the exam prep course. We advise attendees to take the Code of Conduct webinar before the workshop.

Workshop Schedule
Code of Conduct Webinar (Pre-Workshop)
Day 1: Principles of Design-Build Delivery & Procurement
Day 2: Post Award: Executing the Delivery of Design-Build Projects
Day 3: Contracts & Risk Management

For Owners writing RFQs and RFPs, and the industry practitioners responding , it’s vital that the design-build process begins with a procurement plan that optimizes collaboration, teamwork and open communication. Don’t start off your design-build project on the wrong foot. This course is designed for Owners and practitioners alike and focuses on:

  • Understanding and writing meaningful performance-based requirements
  • Maximizing two-phase design-build source selection, from shortlisting to final selection, ensuring selection of the best team
  • Using incentive contracting to promote collaboration and deliver project success
  • In progressive design-build (PDB) the Owner “progresses” towards a design and contract price with the team, making it an increasingly popular design-build option. Using real-world case studies of exceptional outcomes, taught by some of the nation’s most experienced PDB Owners and practitioners, this course will help participants:

  • Gain insight into the flexibility of design-build project delivery and the trade-offs, key considerations and opportunities of the various procurement approaches.
  • Understand how Design-Build Done Right® best practices and principles apply to Progressive Design-Build (PDB).
  • Take a deep dive into PDB, including a close look at what it means, key characteristics and how to determine if PDB is right for a project.
  • Learn key elements of successful procurement, contracting and post-award execution for PDB.
  • If you have any questions, please email our Education Department.