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2021 Design-Build Road Map: Fueling Your Success


Join us in September for two free legislative webinars detailing new design-build authority passed by state legislatures and what it means for industry and Owners. Each session will:

  • Detail new legislation and its impact
  • Offer insight into the marketplace from industry and local Owners
  • Provide Design-Build Done Right® tools to help attendees maximize design-build delivery

Success Drives Design-Build Expansion in New Jersey/New York

11:00am (ET) 

Wednesday, September 8th

New design-build legislative authority passed this year in New Jersey plus expansion of the use of design-build in New York positions the tri-state area to maximize its existing infrastructure dollars plus capitalize on the potential of federal infrastructure investment. These are exciting times for design-builders in DBIA’s Liberty Region as the industry continues to deliver some of the nation’s most impressive projects impacting millions of citizens.

Join this impressive panel of experts as we detail what new design-build legislative authority means in both New Jersey and New York, how design-build is shaping the region’s landscape and the road map ahead for design-build teams as the possibility of historic federal infrastructure investment exists for cities and states.

Richard Thomas – DBIA Director of State and Local Advocacy

Louis Greenwald – New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader

David Varoli – Deputy Commissioner/General Counsel, NYC | Department of Design and Construction

Joanne Iddon, DBIA – Principal, Arup

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New Design-Build Opportunities in the Southwest

11:00am (ET)

Monday, September 20th

New design-build legislative authority passed this year in the Southwest Region provides new design-build opportunities in both the transportation sector (Louisiana) and the water/wastewater sector (Oklahoma). Our panel will detail the expansion of the use of design-build by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality in public water supply and wastewater treatment systems and what that means for local cities, counties and industry. Dr. Shawn Wilson, Louisiana’s DOTD Secretary, will also brief attendees on the state’s growing use of design-build on vital infrastructure projects throughout the bayou state.

Richard Thomas – Director of State and Local Advocacy, DBIA

Dr. Shawn Wilson – Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD)

Rep. Todd Russ (OK) – Legislation Sponsor 

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