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Twenty-five years ago, a handful of the nation’s architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry leaders got together because they knew there had to be a better way to bring a project from design to delivery. They didn’t invent the design-build process, but they set about to perfect it and to share it with a wider audience.

Today, the Design-Build Institute of America is the true authority on Design-Build Done Right®. Comprised of architectural, engineering, and construction professionals, as well as academics, students, and project Owners, its members collaborate and innovate to deliver some of America’s most successful projects.

By convening multiple disciplines, the members of DBIA have upended the status quo on projects both big and small to reinvent what design-build can accomplish for our nation. Because DBIA delivers education and certification that drive not just business transformation but industry imagination, the organization inspires both projects and futures. DBIA ensures that everyone in its community—from practitioners to Owners to everyday citizens—takes advantage of the power of design-build so they can realize higher quality outcomes for today and thousands of tomorrows.

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Barbara Jackson

Barbara Jackson, Director, Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, CO

"There are often a handful of people in a company who know the status quo isn’t working, but it’s hard to change it on your own. DBIA is a group for those rebels to get together, learn from each other and try to change the industry."

Lisa Washington, CAE, DBIA Executive Director/CEO

“DBIA is unique because we don’t represent just one field or sector; we provide education and training for everyone…architects, engineers, builders, Owners, attorneys…and more. The effective use of design-build requires a new way of thinking about project delivery, and it’s our mission to prepare every member of the team to embrace that change.”

Walker Lee Evey, Pentagon Renovation Program and Former DBIA Executive Director

"When we first went searching for a better way of doing construction, we found the answer at DBIA. We attended the conference presentations, filled our briefcases with literature, and came back to the office loaded with answers. DBIA started us on a new and better way of getting our job done. Many thanks."


So Much More Than An Association

In today’s competitive environment, the need for collaboration among all project team players is more important than ever. Through the national headquarters and our 14 regions, DBIA provides unique opportunities to network with peers – both Owners and practitioners – allowing design-builders to make connections that power career and business opportunities, expand professional reach, and create long-lasting impact.

Our 5,000+ members may have joined DBIA for access to the nation’s best design-build education and professional certification that inspires both projects and futures. But most of them renew their dues each year because they’ve witnessed the power of collaborating with like-minded people. By promoting the value of design-build project delivery and teaching the effective integration of design and construction services, we ensure success for members across disciplines.

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DBIA is excited for the future of our industry and our organization. We’ve got big plans and strategic goals in place for the next three years to build on design-build’s rapid growth nationwide.

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