DBIA Futures Council

Futures Council Charter

Help position DBIA for future success by providing thought leadership on topics which will affect project delivery & the built environment over the next 20+ years.

Futures Council Charge

  1. Assess the business climate and the impact of industry trends including:

    1. Economy and Funding
    2. Technology
    3. Environmental Impacts

  1. Identify a prioritized list of industry disruptors that should be considered within DBIA’s future planning efforts

  1. Assess how disruptors may impact DBIA’s organizational and financial model

  1. Provide recommendations on how DBIA’s products, services and knowledge base need to evolve in response.

Council Members

Futures Council Members are industry leaders representing public and private owners, researchers, design innovators and progressive contactors, who have been identified among thousands of professionals nationally for their strategic foresight and passion for the integration of design and construction.

Futures Council
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