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April’s Design-Build News Summary — In Case You Missed It

Here’s this month’s summary of DBIA news on our Design-Build Done Right® blog, just in case you missed it.

DBIA’s Design-Build Student Competition is Underway

Each year university students nationwide compete in DBIA’s Design-Build Student Competition. to be named the best design-build student team in America. DBIA is proud to offer these future leaders of our industry this incredible opportunity to show off their design-build skills to design-build professionals across all disciplines.

Getting Down and Dirty with BIM for Design-Build Projects

We have all heard it before. “How great BIM is” with promises to optimize project results. Increase value to clients and stakeholders. Maximize efficiency. Greater client engagement. Improved planning and sequencing. Better design optimization and coordination. What is not needed is more of these generic BIM value statements. What is needed is a commonsense approach to why we are using BIM.

New Design-Build Research Shows Continued Growth + Opportunities to Mitigate Market Challenges

Design-build market research by FMI Consulting forecasts continued design-build growth over the next three years, despite recent industry challenges and market volatility. Analysts project design-build will account for 47% of construction spending and 22.5% growth in total design-build spending by 2026.

Design-Build Certification: What it Means and Where it’s Heading

As the use of design-build continues to grow, Owners are looking for design-build certified teams to deliver their projects. Practitioners are also looking for design-build certified team members. DBIA certification has never been more valuable than it is today. Learn more about what it means to be a Design-Build Certified Professional.

Get the Updated DBIA Owner Advisors Contract

The skillset needed to be a successful Design-Build Done Right® Owner Advisor continues to evolve as the use of design-build grows. As a result, DBIA’s Standard Form of Contract For Design-Build Owner Advisor Services (#501) has now been updated to reflect today’s increasingly integrated and innovative design-build project needs.

Join DBIA for the Nation’s Only Federal Design-Build Event

Each year design-build Owners and industry interested in federal sector projects (including those funded with federal dollars nationwide) come together in August for the Federal Design-Build Symposium. Registration is now open, and we hope you’ll join DBIA from August 22–23, 2023, in Arlington, Virginia.


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