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To BIM or Not to BIM: New Design-Build Delivers Podcast Explores BIM Standard, Meaningful VDC Usage

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To BIM or Not to BIM: New Design-Build Delivers Podcast Explores BIM Standard, Meaningful VDC Usage

August 2023

Technology seemingly develops right before our eyes. Smarter, faster and more sophisticated tools and programs consistently streamline work across industries, and the AEC industry is no exception. What can design-builders do to ensure the adoption and use of any technology is worth their time and effort and maintains the whole-team approach?

This month on the Design-Build Delivers podcast, DBIA and podcast sponsor VinZero U.S. CAD discuss meaningful use of BIM and VDC on design-build projects, including how a BIM standard can ensure more consistent outcomes for projects.

Brian Skripac
DBIA Director of Virtual Design & Construction

Nick Miller
VinZero U.S. CAD Director of BIM Services

Troy Gates
VinZero U.S. CAD Director of Innovation

Topic 1: BIM is Only as Valuable as Owners and Teams Make It –– So Make It Count (01:22)

Topic 2: Planning Your Meals Before you Shop: Set Goals for Using BIM and VDC Effectively (05:53)

Topic 3: How Owners Can Get Started with 3D Modeling (09:35)

Topic 4: Challenges For Owners (14:02)

Topic 5: What Does a BIM Standard Look Like and How Can it Help? (20:08)

Topic 6: VDC Done Right (24:29)

Topic 7: Looking Toward the Future Through Projects That Have Come Before (28:34)


Thanks to Our Design-Build Delivers PartnerUS CAD logo

U.S. CAD helps forward-thinking AEC firms, many ranking on ENR Top Lists, generate new revenue streams by shifting to Autodesk AEC technology. To learn more, book a free 30-minute consultation.


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