2022 Design-Build Project of the Year Team

This is What Design-Build Excellence Looks Like

December 2022

In this episode of DBIA’s Design-Build Delivers® podcast, we talk to three of the project leaders whose team delivered DBIA’s 2022 Design-Build Project of the Year. Building a new home for California’s Natural Resources Agency was not only a massive project, but the team also faced numerous challenges, including the pandemic, deadly wildfires and civil unrest nearby. Despite it all, their one-team-one goal approach delivered beauty, community, resiliency, and so much more. There are so many real-world lessons to be learned from DBIA award-winning teams, and this group has an incredible story to tell.


DBIA Design-Build Project of the Year Winners

Richard Standiford, DBIA
California Department of General Services Project Manager

Jim Hull, DBIA 
Turner Construction Project Executive

Tammy Jow, DBIA
AC Martin Project Designer


Episode Topics

Topic 1:  How This Project’s Design Team was Empowered to Deliver a Truly Unique Project (04:36)

Topic 2:  There Were Many “Must-Haves” on this Project but Sustainability was Key (06:33)

Topic 3:  The Owner’s Natural Resources Mission Drove the Design (08:15)

Topic 4:  Collaboration Delivered an Impressive (But Challenging) Auditorium Ceiling (10:53)

Topic 5:  Using the “Big Room” Helped Solve Those Project Challenges (14:08)

Topic 6:  “One Team, One Mission” Helped Find the $ to Innovate (15:55)

Topic 7:  Facing Enormous Risks and Challenges (18:50)

Topic 8:  Wildfires Threatened Project and Crew (21:05)

Topic 9:  Meeting 25% Small/Disadvantaged Business Targets (23:51)

Topic 10: How Hiring Goals Were Not Just Met but Exceeded (24:22)

Topic 11: Project Energy, Usage and Resiliency Goals Also Met and Exceeded (27:02)

Topic 12: How a Design-Build Certified Team Made a Difference (28:49)

Topic 13: DBIA Trained Team Used the Design-Build Done Right® Playbook (30:06)




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