2022 is a Record Year for Design-Build Advocates

DBIA Advocacy Team Highlights Legislative News

October 2022 Podcast

Each year, design-build advocates across the nation and in the halls of Congress work to ensure that states and federal agencies have full access to design-build to deliver their projects. That authority has never been more important as we rebuild in the post-Covid environment and launch a new infrastructure reinvestment era. DBIA’s advocacy team continues to lead that effort to educate lawmakers and advocate for expansive design-build authority.

In this episode, DBIA’s Vice President of Advocacy and Industry Engagement, Louis Jenny, and Richard Thomas, Director of State/Local Legislative Affairs give us details on why 2022 was a record-breaker for the passage of design-build legislation.


Louis Jenny – Vice President, Advocacy and Industry Engagement, DBIA

Richard Thomas – Director, State/Local Legislative Affairs, DBIA

Episode Topics

Topic 1:  Why expanding design-build authority in states is critical. (1:42)

Topic 2:  How the FAR guides design-build in the federal sector. (2:38)

Topic 3:  A day in the life of DBIA’s advocacy team. (4:38)

Topic 4:  How the Covid era impacted design-build nationwide. (7:49)

Topic 5:  2022 was DBIA’s most successful legislative year in history. (10:08)

Topic 6:   How Washington’s changed political climate impacts legislative action. (12:03)

Topic 7:   DBIA’s Federal Symposium provided a unique look into how agencies will use design-build for infrastructure investment programs. (13:30)

Topic 8:   Owners need design-build to deliver IIJA projects successfully. (15:22)

Topic 9:   Important design-build legislation passed in New York and Illinois in 2022. (16:30)

Topic 10: Seeing continued growth in Progressive Design-Build nationwide. (17:04)

Topic 11: What’s ahead for design-build legislatively? (18:27)

Topic 12: Design-build’s project success speaks for itself and is driving national growth. (24:43)

Topic 13: 2023 legislative predictions for design-build. (23:35)


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