DBIA’s VDC Leadership Exchange Brings Together the Nation’s Leading Design-Build VDC Leaders

DBIA’s newly created VDC Leadership Exchange (VDCLEx) is positioned to help define what VDC Done Right looks like for design-build teams in all sectors and project types. This diverse group of BIM/VDC industry leaders gathered for the first time in November at the Design-Build Conference and Expo. There they shared their expertise on how the collaborative nature of the design-build delivery method provides the ideal environment to fully leverage VDC producing high-quality, resilient and predictable results. It’s DBIA’s goal to create a network of design-build professionals who are subject matter experts in how design and construction technologies are driving efficiency and collaboration throughout the design, preconstruction, construction and operational phases of projects in the built environment.

Exploring VDC Done Right, the VDCLEx sessions demonstrated how designers, builders and Owners leverage a people, process and technology approach to achieve enhanced design excellence, increased quality and productivity with improved life cycle costs.

Valuable Insights Fuel VDC Conversation

With nearly 600 VDC attendees participating in half a dozen targeted conference sessions and more than 30 design/construction technology vendors in the expo hall, this was an exciting environment for the VDC community to learn and network. This list of sessions highlights the wide range of topics covered.

  • DisJointed Live – Digitally Delivering Design-Build
  • Digital Project Delivery 2.0: VDC Collaboration Done Right
  • Reality Capture & Deliverables, the Whole Story
  • Maximizing the VDC Workflows Through Project Lifecycle to Deliver Design-Build Success
  • What Happens If You Combine BIM, Lean and ISO19650 (the New International BIM Standard)?
  • The Benefit of Digital Twins from an Owner’s Perspective

Collaboration is Key

The value of collaboratively and digitally delivering design-build was clear throughout the event and set the stage for lively conversations. Presenters emphasized how integrating technology into the project planning effort, regardless of size and type, is vital in driving a consistent and repeatable process for companies. Additionally,  planning documents like a BIM Execution Plan should be living documents that evolve with the project. Another presentation detailed how industry standards like ISO 19650 and other initiatives such as Lean can drive value in the planning of work while reducing redundancy in the modeling, as building information models can create waste if not planned correctly.

Additional real-world examples showed how not all reality capture is created equal; educating design-build teams on why defining what you need is critical when outlining your deliverables and aligning the right tool for the job. These reality capture tools were highlighted as we learned what the first-ever DBIA award-winning Best in VDC project looks like. This success story and another panel discussion, including insights from an Owner, focused on how collaborative project teams deliver success while driving certainty in outcome. This is especially important when planning for a digital twin.

If you’re interested in learning more about VDC Done Right, you can view these VDCLEx sessions in DBIA’s Learning Center. In 2023, version 2.0 of the VDCLEx will be back even bigger and better at DBIA’s Design-Build Conference & Expo in November. If you’re looking to engage more in the VDCLEx, plan to submit a proposal to speak and block out your calendar to join us in the Washington, D.C. metro area on November 1-3.

Do you have questions about joining DBIA’s VDC Leadership Exchange? Contact DBIA’s Director of Virtual Design & Construction, Brian Skripac, for details.