Design-Build Delivers Podcast: Spotlighting the Updates to DBIA’s Universal Best Practices

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Design-Build Delivers Podcast: Spotlighting the Updates to DBIA’s Universal Best Practices

May 2023

Since the initial release of DBIA’s Design-Build Done Right® Universal Best Practices in 2014, both design-build and the construction, architecture and engineering (AEC) industry at large have seen significant evolution. To reflect those changes and provide room for continued growth, DBIA has released an update to the Universal Best Practices, available now in the DBIA Bookstore. 

The 2023 update was informed by extensive research and the varied perspectives of diverse stakeholders with the goal of providing guidance that greatly increases the chances of successful and truly collaborative design-build outcomes.

In this month’s Design-Build Delivers podcast, we talk about the update process and some of the bigger changes in the updated Best Practices. And we discuss the anticipated impact on design-build in light of significant growth projections in the next three years. 


Jim Ropelewski, DBIA
DBIA Curriculum and Resource Development Advisor

Dan Rawlins, RA, DBIA
Principal and Project Manager, The Rawlins Group LLC

Episode Topics:

Topic 1: DBIA Makes Crucial Updates to Universal Best Practices (2:16)

Topic 2: Highlighting What’s Changed in the 2023 Update (5:37)

Topic 3: Industry Stakeholders Offer Perspectives (7:59)

Topic 4: Best Practices Promote Design-Build Done Right® (12:16)

Topic 5: The Universal Best Practices Guide Is Just One of Many Tools (14:27)

Topic 6: Best Practices Inform Choice of Project Delivery Method (16:51)

Topic 7: Guiding Principles Added to the 2023 Update (19:01)

Topic 8: Co-Location Still the Way to Go? DBIA Best Practices Guide Says, “Absolutely!” (20:21)

Topic 9: Looking to the Future of Best Practices (24:16)


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