From Alternative to Mainstream: Celebrating 30 Years of Design-Build


DBIA Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

January 2023

The growth of design-build in the past three decades has been incredible. From merely a handful of states authorized to use design-build in 1993 to now only two states as holdouts (Iowa and North Dakota), design-build has changed the way America delivers projects. From “alternative” to the mainstream, design-build will deliver nearly half of all construction dollars and is the nation’s fastest-growing, most cost and schedule-efficient delivery method. How did we get here?

In this episode of DBIA’s Design-Build Delivers Podcast, we talk to DBIA’s National Board Chair, Deb Sheehan, and Executive Director/CEO, Lisa Washington, about the incredible growth we’ve seen over the decades, plus a look ahead to the future of project delivery. The opportunities and challenges are immense as we enter a historical era, and design-build teams will continue to lead the way in defining a better way to build.


DBIA National Board Chair
Healthcare Market Strategy Leader, DPR Construction

Lisa Washington, CAE
DBIA Executive Director/CEO

Episode Topics

Topic 1: How far has design-build come in 30 years? (01:52)
Topic 2: Modern-day challenges have spurred incredible design-build growth. (03:38)
Topic 3: The industry needs the collaboration that design-build delivers. (04:32)
Topic 4 Design-build helps Owners deliver the high-performance projects they demand. (06:26)
Topic 5: Early collaboration opportunities and the impact on workforce issues. (07:32)
Topic 6: Ending Design-Build Done Wrong. (08:48)
Topic 7: Making MWDBE initiatives more than just talk. (09:48)
Topic 8: Bringing every member of the team together is vital. (11:10)
Topic 9: New DBIA Leadership Training Courses in 2023 (12:20)
Topic 10: Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices increase team success (14:21)
Topic 11: Design-Build’s growing usage is driving increased DBIA certification. Especially among Owners. (16:32)
Topic 12: DBIA tools for Owners and Owner Advisors (19:01)
Topic 13: How we’ll deliver on DBIA’s 2022-2025 strategic goals (22:05)
Topic 14: Design-build flexibility will advance the industry into the future. (27:02)
Topic 15: LISA New design-build market research will be released in Spring 2023. (31:40)
Topic 16: We’ll see continued design-build growth in 2023 and beyond. (32:55)
Topic 17: DBIA’s committees channel design-build expertise to drive success (35:19)
Topic 18: New 2023 webinar series for DBIA members (36:34)




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