DBIA Strategic Plan

Building a successful future for our association and the entire design-build industry.

SEE the DBIA Difference

While we can’t see the future, we are working to build one that delivers continued growth and project success for design-build teams nationwide. Design-Build Done Right® is changing the way America builds and we have a three-year strategic plan to build on that success.




Extol the Critical Role of the Entire Team

  • Highlight key success factors for designers, specialty contractors, consultants and suppliers.
  • Define essential processes that support the single point of responsibility contract.
  • Leverage design-build variations.

Drive Consistent Messaging

  • Develop and package multiple methods for delivering our message.
  • Engage Regions, Chapters and members in delivering the message and unify the voice of Design-Build Done Right®.

Expand Markets Served

  • Deliver market-specific value.
  • Participate in key strategic alliances.
  • Drive widespread and flexible legislative authority.
  • Promote the use of design-build in the private sector.

Success Measures

  • Define the aspects of successful key alliance partnerships and gain a seat at their table.
  • Continue legislative influence and advertise positive results.
  • Widespread use of Design-Build Done Right® “shares” at Region and Chapter events.

Emphasize the Impact of Design-Build Done Right®

  • Demonstrate how best practices facilitate success.
  • Promote Design Excellence by establishing the broad range of successful outcomes above and beyond schedule and cost.
  • Demonstrate real-world successes.

Distinguish Design-Build Approaches

  • Clarify characteristics of design-build procurement options.
  • Define success.
  • Develop resources and tools to guide Owner decision-making.

Deepen Professional Development

  • Provide tiered education ranging from basic to advanced.
  • Increase university-level awareness and use of DBIA curriculum.
  • Diversify the pool of approved instructors.

Success Measures

  • Implement the tiered education approach.
  • Revamp training approach to include initiatives from our Stimulate and Evolve Goals.
  • Develop and proliferate tools to assist Owners in project delivery decision-making.

Reinforce the Brand

  • Be the “Design-Build Authority”.
  • Continually assess the business climate and trends (funding, technology, economy, environment, political landscape, workforce issues, etc.).
  • Leverage market trends and studies to support the value of design-build.

Transform Membership Value

  • Enhance member and customer satisfaction.
  • Engage and grow student and young professional members.
  • Define “Region success” and develop a roadmap by aligning Region, Chapter and National goals/strategies.
  • Revise and streamline the membership dues structure.

Grow Owner Engagement

  • Diversify Owner involvement.
  • Influence Owners’ preference for DBIA-certified professionals on project teams.
  • Increase Owner participation at the Region and Chapter levels.
  • Create innovative opportunities for Owner-to-Owner engagement.

Success Measures

  • Increase Owner participation by 20% annually in membership, conferences and education course offerings.
  • Own, define, and rebrand the DesignBuild tool box (including ‘progressive’ design-build) so terms and best practices are consistently used by everyone in industry
  • Retain 85% of existing members annually, as well as add 25% new annually, resulting in a minimum net increase to overall membership of 33% by 12/31/21.
  • Integrate Regions into our Strategic Planning goals and metrics by 2020.
  • Envision industry changes and needs into the next decade.