DBIA Strategic Plan

Building a successful future for our association and the entire design-build industry.

2022-2024 Strategic Goals

Expand – Educate – Elevate

While we can’t see the future, we are working to build one that delivers continued growth and project success for design-build teams nationwide. Design-Build Done Right® is changing the way America builds and we have a three-year strategic plan to build on that success.




Our Focus

Capitalize on DBIA’s unique position as an organization representing the entire industry by:

  • Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion through active outreach and meaningful engagement;
  • Expanding our reach and impact through engagement of all DBIA Regions and key stakeholders; and
  • Reinforcing design-build’s application to all project types, public and private

Our Goals

Develop a discernible value proposition, including new tools, resources, and opportunities, to guide the expansion and diversification of membership with a specific focus on:

  • Architects
  • Underutilized Business Enterprises (UBEs)
  • Owners and their Advisors

Identify and dissect design-build “gone wrong” to isolate and address core issues impacting team and project success.

Our Representative Success Measures

Implementation of comprehensive National and Region membership/customer dashboards (developed by National) to track growth/ engagement, and to guide strategic decisions at all levels of the organization.

Revamped Committee structure and processes to more fully engage/understand challenges and opportunities for key stakeholders.

Our Focus

Cultivate widespread understanding – from novice to seasoned professional – of the uniqueness, best practices, and value to Owners and their Advisors, end-users, project teams, and the community-at-large of Design-Build Done Right®.

Our Goals

Deepen the levels and types of education to address all stages from pre-award to post-award to operations, as well as the development of high-performance team leaders/members.

Lead establishment of industry standards via guidance on the flexibility of design-build including:

  • Consistent terminology
  • Consistent communication of “trade-offs” in approaches
  • Develop “How to” guidance
  • Owner decision-making tools
  • Case studies
  • Expanded legislation

Our Representative Success Measures

Development of deeper dive education on:

  • Progressive Design-Build (PDB), including an expanded instructor pool
  • High performance team/leadership development education

Capitalize on awards program and project database to create impactful case studies showing the power of Design-Build Done Right®, including achievements in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Focus

Elevate the use of Design-Build Done Right® to:

  • Optimize project/team outcomes beyond the baseline expectations of cost and schedule performance; and
  • Improve the industry image for current and future AEC professionals.

Our Goals

Advance best practices related to the integration of innovative tools and technology to enhance design-build team performance and project outcomes in the areas of:

  • Collaboration
  • BIM/VDC/Digital Strategies
  • Design Excellence
  • Total Cost of Ownership

    • Support the industry in attracting the next generation of design and construction professionals from:
  • Junior high
  • High school
  • Trade schools
  • Universities

Our Representative Success Measures

Implement/lead an Industry Image Coalition to include representation from at least ten (10) industry organizations.

Development of BIM/VDC planning resources and curriculum.