From Sci-Fi to Site Plans: New Podcast Episode Explores How AR Is Changing Design-Build

May 2024

Once considered cutting-edge, technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and natural language processing are now ubiquitous. Today, anyone can ask a natural language processing platform for recipe ideas, visualize new furniture in their home with an app, use AI to craft a social media post or prank friends with image generators – for better or worse.

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) space is no exception. The availability and usability of machine learning, AI and various forms of digital reality have skyrocketed, making technology not just an option but an expectation.

This month’s episode of the Design-Build Delivers Podcast, sponsored by USCAD, delves into the use of augmented reality on job sites with Argyle CEO Maret Thatcher and DBIA’s Director of VDC Brian Skripac. Listen to “From Sci-Fi to Site Plans: How AR Is Changing Design-Build” to discover how AR solutions like Argyle can help design-build teams meet the standards of Design-Build Done Right®, understand the impact of increased technology use on job sites, and explore what’s next for technology in the AEC industry. Maybe enjoy a sci-fi pop culture reference or three.


Maret Thatcher
CEO, Argyle

Brian Skripac
Director of Virtual Design and Construction, DBIA

Decoding the Matrix: A Crash Course in Tech Jargon (0:10)

ARcheology 101: Tracing the History of Augmented Reality on the Job Site (4:37)

Maret Thatcher’s Voyage from Law to AR with Argyle (6:50)

The Design-Build Project’s Guide to the Galaxy: How AR Can Benefit Design-Build Projects (9:35)

Overcoming the Dark Side: Challenges to AR and What to Do About Them (15:01)

Robots Are Not Taking Our Jobs: Addressing Pushback to AR (19:17)

Charting the AR Nebula: Mastering the Design-Builder’s Learning Curve (21:25)

Ground Control to Major Success: AR Success Stories on Challenging Site Projects (24:50)

Do Design-Builders Dream of Augmented Reality?: What’s Next for AR in Construction (27:36)


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