Why Use a Design-Build Owner Advisor?

Maximizing Project Success — Will an Owner Advisor Help?

November 2022

Design-build’s continued growth nationwide means the need for well-trained design-build Owners and teams has also increased. We know that design-build is only as successful as the Owners who implement it, so it’s vital that Owners understand the basics of Design-Build Done Right® best practices.

It’s no surprise the role of the Owner Advisor has expanded over the years as increasing project complexities have led Owners to seek more advice throughout the design-build process. From procurement, design and construction to project delivery, a good Owner Advisor can help deliver project success. In this episode of Design-Build Delivers, we talk to Molly A. Jones, the Chair of DBIA’s Owner Advisor Committee, about the who, what, when, and why of choosing an Owner Advisor.


Molly A. Jones, LEED AP, AIA, GGP, DBIA
Chair, DBIA Owner Advisor Committee


Episode Topics

Topic 1:  Design-build is only as successful as the Owners who implement it. (1:52)

Topic 2:  Making the mental shift needed in design-build can be difficult for Owners (3:09)

Topic 3:  One Team, One Goal Approach is vital for success (4:08)

Topic 4:  Defining “what is” an Owner Advisor? (5:49)

Topic 5:  Owners Advisors can help in every project phase (6:43)

Topic 6:  Owner Advisors can help ensure the right project delivery method is chosen (08:54)

Topic 7:   Appropriate Risk Management is vital. (09:55)

Topic 8:   DBIA’s Owner Advisor Primer (11:34)

Topic 9:   DBIA Owner Advisor Training Courses (12:08)

Topic 10: Skills to look for in a design-build Owner Advisor (15:07)

Topic 11: DBIA Conferences also provide a lot of Owner education (17:03)

Topic 12: Helping Owners succeed (17:54)

Topic 13: Using custom training to target what Owners need from teams (19:11)

Topic 14: Strengthening the designer-owner-builder relationship in design-build (20:34)

Topic 15: How designers successfully engage with the Owner Advisor and technical team. (23:19)

Topic 16: Helping Owners avoid the use of bridging documents (26:06)




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