Fellows Score Sheet

Certification Fellows Score Sheet

  • It has been confirmed that all candidates have met the following minimum pre-qualifications:

    • 10 years continuously holding a DBIA certification
    • 10 years continuously as a DBIA member
    • Four (4) testimonials provided from listed references
    • Nominated by a Qualified DBIA Leader

    Pre-qualifications are simply pass/fail. While these qualifications are not scored, this information should be considered when assessing the nominee’s qualifications for Fellowship in the four areas that follow: career highlights and three areas of personal distinction. Rank each area based on the maximum score noted for each, and the overview of key considerations noted. Please note that it is important for you to review the entire application, including references and the applicant’s resume, as information that impacts the areas scored is included in multiple sections.

    With each category below, evaluate the candidates using the subcategories as a guide. It is not necessary for a candidate to have experience in each of the subcategories and/or sub-items of a particular category in order to gain 100% of the points for a main category. You may still award them the maximum number of points for the main category if deserved. The final portion of the application, Extra Credit, provides the candidate with an opportunity to list activities outside of DBIA and design-build. Significant contributions to the community are not mandatory but may provide as many as an additional 5 points to an applicant’s overall score.

  • (25 points maximum) The extent to which the applicant’s career demonstrates their commitment and dedication to the improvement of the design and construction industry in general, and design-build specifically.

    1. a. Significant achievements in the Design-Build industry
    2. b. Design-build projects of significance, e.g. award-winning and/or citations earned
    3. c. Multiple design-build projects, different in scale, complexity, type
    4. d. Recognized/known leader of design-build in AEC workplace
    5. e. Longevity of DBIA affiliation and/or certification (see basic application for this information)
    Please enter a number from 0 to 25.

  • (25 points maximum) The extent to which the applicant supports and promotes DBIA’s mission, values and positions, as well as the merits of design-build at both the National and Region levels through involvement on boards and committees, and engagement with academia/universities and students. In addition, assess the candidate’s involvement in activities geared towards achieving, maintaining or increasing the presence of enabling legislation in his/her state or Region, or in a market sector (i.e., transportation, water/wastewater, federal, etc.)

    1. a. Leadership in local, regional, national component
    2. b. Service on boards, committees, counsels, or special projects related to DBIA
    3. c. Service to DBIA in national conference and/or specialty conferences
    4. d. Services to DBIA through academia, partnership with sister organizations and/or professional alliances
    5. e. Pro-design-build advocacy in the municipal government and/or statehouses
    Please enter a number from 0 to 25.

  • (25 points maximum) The extent to which the applicant has participated in local, regional and/or national presentations on design-build project delivery both within DBIA, and with other industry groups. In addition, the extent to which the applicant has published, or contributed to papers, articles, or other publications that serve to help advance effective design-build project delivery.

    1. a. Presenter, panelist, participant in design-build-related public events
    2. b. Presenter, panelist, participant in DBIA local, regional, or national events
    3. c. Contributor to published data, research, and/or articles about design-build
    4. d. Contributor to or presenter of pro-design-build positions to sister organizations
    5. e. Service to education in academia, e.g. teaching and/or presentations
    6. f. Published author of original content
    Please enter a number from 0 to 25.

  • (25 points maximum) The extent to which the applicant has helped to spread awareness of design-build best practices and outcomes among Owners and fellow industry professionals in larger AEC community. Also consider how the applicant has been recognized by industry and/or peers for their achievements, including the nature and quantity of awards and recognitions received throughout his/her career. Note, influence is not about just seat time or just showing up. Influence is the measurement of actual lasting impact and movement of industry to a positive, pro-design-build position.

    1. a. Individual recognition and/or award for specific contributions to design-build
    2. b. Individual service to and recognition by sister organizations, e.g. AIA, AGC, ACEC, et al
    3. c. Individual recognition in national media and/or coverage by the AEC industry media outlets as a recognized subject matter expert
    4. d. Significant awards, honors and recognitions accorded to the candidate that relate to Design-Build (both individual and team based). For team based awards, include the candidate’s contribution to the project.
    Please enter a number from 0 to 25.

  • Note: Place your scores for each Category according to the following Standards: 20 – 25 Exceeds minimum qualifications 15 – 19 Meets minimum qualifications 10 – 14 Somewhat below minimum qualifications 5 - 9 Below minimum qualifications 0 - 5 Far below minimum qualifications
  • (minimum of 85 required to achieve Fellow status)

  • (additional 5 points) This criteria is not mandatory, but if a candidate has significant additional civic and other achievements, evaluators may add up to an optional 5 points to a candidates Total Score.
    Please enter a number from 0 to 5.

  • (minimum of 85 required to achieve Fellow status)