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Special MWDBE Membership Offer

We design not just better ways to work, but better networks.

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) values our MWDBE community and is excited to help build MWDBE capacity through increased engagement and by helping MWDBEs make valuable connections to design-build project teams.

SPECIAL DBIA Membership Offer For MWDBE Firms

With design-build currently accounting for nearly half of all design and construction projects, vast opportunities exist for MWDBEs to be an integral part of our nation’s most successful, innovative, and cutting-edge projects.

Joining DBIA will immediately expand your visibility and reach, as well as provide unique opportunities to stand out to design-build teams looking to engage MWDBE firms.

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Why Join DBIA?

2021 Provides Historic Opportunity for MWDBEs

Our nation has a tremendous backlog of projects that includes both maintaining and repairing current infrastructure plus the need to build new. In addition, the current Administration has made the inclusion of MWDBE firms on federally funded projects a high priority. We know design-build will play a major role in delivering infrastructure investment projects, just as it did the 2009 economic recovery.

When design-build teams look for MWDBE partners, they come to DBIA to find those who have demonstrated a commitment to Design-Build Done Right® as DBIA members. We want to connect you to the nation’s design-build industry leaders and Owners.

Join DBIA today and take advantage of significant savings with our limited-time offer.


DBIA is where collaboration powers industry transformation.

This special membership offer is just the beginning…

DBIA is now making plans to offer MWDBE-specific education and resources exclusively for you. As a member, you’ll be part of helping us craft resources that meet your needs and help you grow your business.

Questions? Email our DBIA Membership team.