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University of Washington, Health Sciences Education Building

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University of Washington, Health Sciences Education Building

2023 | Best In Awards | Best in Teaming

University of Washington Health Sciences Education Building


Best in Teaming:

From the outset, the University of Washington team developed an interview process to select project members based on their understanding of how to work in an integrated environment. The team co-located several days a week in the “Big Room,” a practice that started early in design and continued virtually through the pandemic. A key factor of their success was bringing in expertise early, including trade partners, to find solutions that met quality and performance goals, taking ownership of these solutions throughout construction. They also identified and proactively mitigated and managed those risks to protect project contingency funds. 80% of all trades and scope were on-board before the project was 50% designed. 80% of the design-build team was also engaged as part of the Risk-Reward Team.

Enlightened Owner:

The University of Washington shines as an enlightened owner due to its consistent commitment to design-build excellence. Collaborative planning for the Health Sciences Education Building involved all key team members, including owner leadership, engineers, and major trade partners. This real-time involvement allowed for a complete understanding of project milestones and streamlined schedule development. To manage risks effectively, the design-builder worked with the owner, architect, and trade partners to develop a risk matrix and contingencies for schedule and budget. This shared approach meant everyone had “skin in the game” and encouraged the team to identify and mitigate risks. Including the owner and the design-build team in reviews and design resolutions reduced review periods, saving time and enhancing efficiency. This project, which included four DBIA certified professionals, demonstrates the success that can be achieved when visionary design, efficient project management, and effective collaboration come together.

Excellence in Educational Facilities

Merit Award – Educational Facilities

The 98,000-sq. ft. Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB), located in the University of Washington’s South Campus, houses an expansive anatomy laboratory, classrooms, skills laboratories, staff/faculty offices, student kitchen and wellness areas, informal learning areas and breakout spaces. Designed to foster innovation and collaboration among students, the building promotes affordable, accessible and high-quality healthcare education. The project aimed to create a diverse range of environments that encourage teamwork and train future health professionals to be part of high-performing delivery teams.

The HSEB design integrates outdoor spaces with accessible pathways, public art and outdoor seating, providing opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate and engage with the surroundings. The project incorporates natural materials, soothing colors and comfortable indoor spaces to promote well-being among learners.

Showcasing Innovative Approaches to Education, Sustainability and Construction

The project embraces the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the building’s structure, bringing the warmth and beauty of wood to learning environments while supporting regional economic growth. The team utilized target value design to ensure the cost of CLT remained within the project’s budget, resulting in large, open spaces that maintain the health, aesthetic and sustainability benefits of wood.

With one level below-grade and four above, the highly-sustainable structure is a first-of-its-kind composite of steel framing, CLT decking and roof structure and concrete topping slabs. The HSEB project also incorporates innovative systems for stormwater management. By collaborating with project stakeholders, the team developed a regional stormwater treatment facility that will serve not only the project, but also future developments within a 34-acre basin on campus. This solution replaces untreated stormwater runoff, benefiting the environment and preserving an environmentally fragile lake.

Overall, the HSEB represents a successful collaboration between design-build professionals and demonstrates innovative approaches to education, sustainability and construction.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: University of Washington
Design-Build Firm: Lease Crutcher Lewis
Architect: The Miller Hull Partnership, with SLAM
Engineer: KPFF
Specialty Contractors: PAE; Hermanson; GGN; Hargis Engineers; Cochran; Performance Contracting, Inc.; Patriot Fire Protection; KONE; Sargent; Northshore Exteriors Inc.
Project Cost: $77.4 Million
Construction Duration: 39 Months

University of Washington Health Sciences Education Building

University of Washington Health Sciences Education Building

University of Washington Health Sciences Education Building