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Elevating the Design in Design-Build: Toward an Updated Design Excellence Position Statement

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Elevating the Design in Design-Build: Toward an Updated Design Excellence Position Statement

September 2023

In this month’s Design-Build Delivers podcast, we spoke with members of the Design Professionals’ Advisory and Engagement Committee who helped craft updates to DBIA’s Position Statement on Design Excellence, which was originally released in 2014. We discussed the changes that were made, why a new statement was important now and how design excellence is vital to Design-Build Done Right®.

Rob Barbera
General Manager/Senior Vice President, Turner Engineering Group, Turner Construction Company

Susan O’Connell
Managing Principal, AC Martin

Holly Stone
President, Stone Security Engineering

Topic 1: A More Expansive, Flexible Position on Design Excellence (01:14)

Topic 2: Bringing More Voices into Design (04:39)

Topic 3: Design Excellence in Design-Build v. Design/Bid/Build (08:59)

Topic 4: Situational Leadership, Intentionality in Design-Build (14:42)

Topic 5: How the Whole-Team Approach Affects Design Excellence (17:57)

Topic 6: Transforming Student Dining at One University: How the Whole-Team Approach Led to Creative Solutions (22:11)

Topic 7: Interact Early and Interact Often (26:06)

Topic 8: Bringing it All Together: What Does Design Excellence in Design-Build Really Look Like? (29:02)


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