Finally, Infrastructure Week is Real

After months of negotiations, the House has passed the $1 trillion infrastructure funding package. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a historic investment, no matter how you measure it. In addition to providing the largest infrastructure funding in decades, the bill also shores up the struggling Highway Trust Fund, codifies rules reducing the time … Continued

2021 Design-Build Road Map: Fueling Your Success

  Join us in September for two free legislative webinars detailing new design-build authority passed by state legislatures and what it means for industry and Owners. Each session will: Detail new legislation and its impact Offer insight into the marketplace from industry and local Owners Provide Design-Build Done Right® tools to help attendees maximize design-build delivery … Continued

Rare Bipartisanship Fuels Senate Infrastructure Bill Passage

Today’s Senate passage of a historic $1 trillion infrastructure plan marked an unusual moment of bipartisanship that led even the most jaded Congress watchers to sit up and take notice. The Associated Press reports: “With a robust vote after weeks of fits and starts, the Senate approved a $1 trillion infrastructure plan for states coast … Continued

Infrastructure Investment Package Clears Senate Hurdle

The Senate vote to consider a bipartisan nearly $1 trillion infrastructure package, including $550 billion in new physical infrastructure spending, marks a major milestone in the debate over how best to spur a post-COVID economic recovery. A White House fact sheet details the Senate agreement including the largest share of the package, $110 billion, for highways, … Continued

Turning Promises into Projects

For nearly a decade, the middle of May has been known as “Infrastructure Week” here in Washington. Year after year, many of the nation’s leading business, economic, policy and AEC groups have worked to bring Congress’ attention to the vital need for federal infrastructure investment. But, unfortunately, it’s been going on so long that just … Continued

Full Design-Build Authority Passes in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers have passed sweeping new legislation the allows the use of design-build for all state and local governments. The bill passed both the House and Senate by overwhelming margins and now awaits the governor’s signature. New Jersey bill A1285 allows that any independent state transportation authority with an established prequalification, project rating, or … Continued

Fighting for Design-Build in Iowa

Iowa is one of only two states that prohibits the use of design-build. This week, design-builders are in the battle of their lives to finally pass authorizing legislation during a shortened Iowa legislative session. Unfortunately, legislation to allow design-build has taken the back seat to a bill promoted by well-financed special interests to not only … Continued

DBIA Legislative Update – May 2020

  DBIA’s Advocacy team spends a lot of its time bringing design-build to as many communities as possible. Just like everyone else, the Coronavirus has changed the infrastructure industry on a federal and local level, so we reached out to DBIA’s Vice President of Advocacy as well as our Director of State/Local Legislative Affairs, for … Continued

Urging Congress to Address Infrastructure Reform in Latest Stimulus Package

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, interest has once again been renewed in passing infrastructure stimulus, with lawmakers having more formal discussions about a long-talked-about infrastructure package. “Lawmakers may be away from Capitol Hill, but negotiations have already quietly begun on what could become a fourth stimulus package to respond to the novel coronavirus. … Continued

Kansas Approves the Use of Design-Build in Transportation

The Kansas legislature passed a 10-year transportation stimulus bill as part of the Eisenhower Transportation Legacy Program to help counter the economic damage from the Covid 19 pandemic. The bill re-authorizes the Kansas Department of Transportation to use alternative delivery methods like Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk (CMAR). KDOT had Design-Build authority for a … Continued